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Improving your health and wellness often requires change in multiple areas which is why we introduced our build a bundle feature! 

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Hair, Skin & Nails

Good4Me Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies help to support healthy and radiant hair, nails and skin from within. Hair, Skin & Nail gummies are a delicious soft-chew that supports a balanced thyroid health & healthy metabolism, whilst supporting normal blood sugar balance. These gummy vitamins are suitable for men & women on the go who need extra support for mental clarity and focus. 

Sleep & Stress Support (ashwagandha)

Our soft-chew sleep & stress support gummy vitamins will help to calm your mind and body for a good night's sleep. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries as a sleep aid as well as a natural stress reliever. Ashwagandha has a wide range of benefits including supporting immune function and endurance to encourage you to sustain exercise for an extended period of time. 

Multi-Vitamin: Everyday Wellness

Support your everyday wellness by indulging in our Good4Me Multivitamins. These vegan friendly gummies are designed to support energy levels, brain function and your immune system. Getting all your daily goodness and fibre in one gummy, it can’t get much better than that.

Iron: Energy Support

Good4Me Iron gummy vitamins help to support those with iron deficiency which can occur in menstruating women, pregnancy, vegetarians, and people lacking iron in their diet. There’s so many benefits from taking a natural supplement that is iron-rich like; supporting healthy immune function, supporting mental focus and clarity and supporting muscle function

Probiotics: Bloat Support

Good4Me Probiotic gummies are designed to help support bloating, gut health and support the right bacteria in your digestive system. Having high levels of good bacteria in the gut provides numerous health benefits. Taking a natural supplement like our probiotics supports healthy weight management, a healthy immune system and supports healthy energy levels, which overall increases your wellbeing. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Good4Me Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are a great tasting, healthy alternative to taking traditional apple cider vinegar. These gummies support healthy weight management, healthy energy levels, support a healthy immune system and gut health for healthy digestion. Our soft-chew gummies are a delicious and easy way to get the many benefits that apple cider vinegar liquid has to offer, without the unpleasant taste and tooth enamel erosion! 


Magnesium is a mineral that supports your health in numerous ways. Benefits include support for muscle recovery & relaxation, supports stress relief, exercise performance and quality sleep. Our Magnesium gummies are formulated with natural pectin to support healthy digestion from the goodness of fibre and stable glucose levels to support balanced energy production. 

Vitamin C

Our Good4Me Vitamin C supports the body’s natural defences against winter ills and chills, supports healthy energy levels and supports normal collagen production. Good4Me Vitamin C is an essential part of your daily routine because it provides support for the immune system and supports the repair of both teeth and bone - all while supporting the slowing down of cell damage. 

Collagen: Beauty Support

Good4Me Collagen gummies contain peptides rich in type 1 and type 3 collagen, which are key components for your hair, skin and nails to help your skin look youthful and hydrated. They also support muscle recovery & relaxation, joint health, stress relief and gut health. 


Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Do not use if tamper seal is broken or missing. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate. If you are pregnant, nursing or on medication, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before use. 

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Dietary Supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet.


Below 25°C. Keep in a cool, dry place.


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